Using Facebook for Business

Over the last few years, social media has become increasingly popular in the way of advertising for a large number of businesses. Their aim is to reach a wider audience in order for them to promote products, news and annual business reports.

Social network sites are amongst the main providers when it comes to representing a business through the use of social media. Facebook is one of the leading social network sites and is used as an advertising tool for a variety of companies and small businesses alike.

Creating a Facebook page is an easy to follow procedure. Additional pages to advertise a business are optional, particularly if a business wishes to promote multiple products or services.

With the creation of a Facebook page, many new and established businesses are benefiting from reaching larger audiences as well as receiving new clients and making new business contacts.

Clients are able to leave comments through the news feed on your business page. They are also able to contact you directly through Facebook emails. This encourages communication between your business and the client, and aids in helping build relationships between yourself and potential clients or contacts.

To get the most out of your business Facebook, take client comments into consideration. Make time to reply to a client’s comment, particularly if it requires a product your business is promoting or selling.

Some newer, small businesses who, are just starting out, may consider only using a business Facebook account. Whilst this is possible it is not recommended.

By all means set up an online business, but build a website using a reputable website building company or tool. Links to the website can be included on a Facebook page. Facebook buttons to like your Facebook business page can be included on a business website.

Facebook business pages can be created and customized to suit an individual business style. This option is available through Facebook’s advanced learning opportunities options. These options also provide a number of resources in order to strengthen strategies used for advertising.

Like any website used in business and advertising, your Facebook business page, needs to be kept up to date. Providing your business Facebook page with regular updates of products and product information, potential clients will eventually come to you.

Inclusion of pictures to accompany a product description, often provide both existing and new customers to your site a detailed overview of product. These overviews and pictures are often a way for your business Facebook page to be shared with a customer’s Facebook friends list.

Make advertising interesting. By keeping adverts for your products, short, quirky and to the point, customers are bound to return or share your business page with others. Keep news feeds and status reports, informative, friendly, but business related. These are all ways of promoting your business on Facebook and advertising your company.

The advertising and promotion of businesses, through Facebook business pages, reach at least 90 per cent of a targeted audience. While, it has been reported that commercial advertising alone only reaches 70 per cent of a targeted audience.

The Small Business Owners Guide to Outsourcing Effectively

If you are a small or medium sized business and you wish to stay competitive in the marketplace you need to be outsourcing some of your business activities. Outsourcing is when you contract another individual or company to perform some of your company’s business services.

The amount of time that you will spend on tasks such as scheduling travel plans and meetings, answering your phone and taking messages, creating a web design and bookkeeping on a daily basis can now be minimized significantly. The additional time that you will now have available to devote to bringing in business more than justifies the dispensing of these duties to outside contractors.

There are three tasks that all small or medium sized business should always outsource: the scheduling of business travel, bookkeeping and web page designs including a company’s social media and blog pages.

Travel Plans

The first task that a small or medium sized business should outsource is travel plans. This business function can be expertly performed at a very small cost by online virtual assistants who will not only find the best flights available but will provide a list of hotels, car rental agencies and restaurants according to your requests.

When you outsource your travel plans you are provided with a list of options by email that make the decision process a two to five minute endeavor instead of one that might take one to two hours at a minimum and much discussion between you and a human secretary.

Also, the cost of this service might be $5.00 as compared to how much more money your company would lose by having a business owner or human assistant perform the same task.


The second task that a business should outsource is bookkeeping. Unless your company is an accounting company there is no reason for a business owner to devote the large amount of time that is required to deal with itemizing the daily transactions of a business.

A business can easily go online and find bookkeepers within your area that can perform the bookkeeping functions that you need at competitive costs. Another bookkeeping outsourcing option is the use of computer software programs that are paired with a contracted bookkeeper who will perform your daily transactional functions and any other financial tasks needed to help a business owner keep track of their income and cost expenditures.

Web Work

The third task a company should outsource is the design of their internet web page, social media page and blog.

In today’s business world these three business components are essential to the visibility of a business. However, the creation and maintenance of a web page, a social media page such as Facebook and a blog will take many hours out of a business owner’s work day.

These activities can be outsourced to individuals who are experts in the use of each of these business marketing tools and they can and will create the required marketing pages in a faster, more effective and professional manner than the small business owner who will do everything but in the process becomes an expert at nothing.

Whether it is a college student or a freelance web page designer, there are an incredible number of individuals who can perform these tasks for a small or medium sized business at a minimal cost. A business owner who pays an outside contractor to create their company web page, a Facebook page and a blog will save the most valuable resource a business owner has, their time and also money.

Instead of a business owner taking time away from finding new clients to create these marketing components and learning how to do so in the process a business owner will be able to focus on generating new business that can help their revenues and improve their competitive business position in the marketplace.

Rendezvous of Business And Bonding

Business opportunities have increased significantly during the last decade or so. Even though the economic scenario is dismal, the industrial landscape has expanded for businesses of all sizes and nature. One of the primary reasons is said to be extensive business networking, where entrepreneurs and professionals support one another by giving referrals that lead to new prospects. In this context, chambers of commerce from local communities play the role of business events organizer to provide networking opportunities to their members.

Active business networking has been a common practice among the business owners and professionals for a long period of time. It helps in interacting with other business persons within a community and establish connections. Also, through these events, the attendees get the latest industry updates, marketing tips, innovative ideas to implement in their businesses and run them in a more effective manner. Attending events regularly makes you learn about the nuances of communicating and bonding with people from various industries in an informal way.

For busy professionals, networking is a convenient way to lead generation. Opportunities of networking increases many times over at events since you get to know other influential business personalities on a frequent basis. Any recommendation from these people can lead to some major breakthroughs in the future. Through this kind of well-organized effort of your local chamber, you will be able to connect and do business with people to fulfill your professional objectives. As business events organizer, the chambers of commerce help members to transform networking into a collective endeavor to benefit all.

The following are a few primary reasons for attending events:

1. Makes a Business more Visible

Regular presence at the events and networking make your business visible within your community. Other members could easily identify and connect you as an authentic business entity. Attending various networking events helps you formulate key marketing strategies to foster business growth. An innovative idea can open up new paths if your business is stuck in a stalemate.

2. Networking Leads to Referrals and Strategic Partnerships

Besides attending events, the attendees need to do regular follow ups in the future. This will create trust and dependability among the members. Meeting other people at events is just the first important step towards long-term business relations. Keeping in touch with one another on a frequent basis enhances the social quotient that brings more business.

3. Keeping Abreast with Current Market Trends

Businesses are evolving with new strategies, ideas and with the advent of advanced technology. Attending business events makes the members aware of the latest developments so they can try them in their businesses whenever relevant. Taking a futuristic approach is important for survival and sustainability for any business. Thus, knowledge sharing is the key to endless opportunities and growth.

Business events keep you connect to others and empower you to achieve your business goals/vision by developing a large and fruitful network. Besides the encouragement the chambers provide, your keen interest and endeavors will do the rest.